AMEC Electric, LLC is a top-rated commercial electrician company based in central NJ.
We Cover the Full Spectrum of Commercial and Industrial Services

Clients in the commercial and industrial fields each have unique sets of requirements, but they all have a few elements in common when it comes to their electrical systems: budgets, deadlines, and an unspoken reliance on dependability. Efficient systems help control future operating costs while access control and alarm setups help maintain the level of security you need. Your telecommunication systems and computer wiring keep you in touch with not only other branches of your company, but customers, suppliers and all other corners of your specific world. Some of the areas we cover include:

  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Light and Heavy Industrial Operations
  • Institutional Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Companies

We understand an interruption in your electrical system lasting only a few seconds could have a profound impact on your business. Even a short-lived outage could disrupt production, send customers straight to your competitors, and even destroy millions of dollars in inventory in some cases. We take all this into consideration when engineering and installing your system as well as planning out your preventative measures.

Cosmetic Electrical Projects

The inner workings of your digital, security, lighting, production machinery, refrigeration, and other electrical systems are hidden, silently fulfilling their purposes while most people never give them a second thought. Some elements of your electrical system, though, are there for aesthetic reasons. They provide just the right level of lighting to make customers look and feel like stars in the outfits they’re trying on or the makeup samples they’re testing.

Some of these aspects highlight your inventory for those browsing your store or give products just the right emphasis to increase your sales potential. Although their behind-the-scenes technology remains invisible, their true purposes are evident. We handle those cosmetic projects as well, allowing the true potential of your showrooms, display cases and sales floors to shine through.

Emergency Services

We create backup systems, install partial or full generators, and take a number of other steps to ensure your electrical systems never let you down, but we also realize you can’t plan for everything. In spite of the most thorough planning, emergencies are bound to arise. We’re here for you in these types of situations, as well. We’re always open, and our team is on call around the clock. We keep our bucket trucks on call, too, so our experts can take care of any unexpected issue you may face.

Always in the Know

The world is continually evolving, and this affects not only our industry but yours as well. All our electricians are licensed and experienced in their respective fields of expertise, and we undergo continual training to keep ourselves up to speed on the latest advancements. Whether you’re hoping to incorporate the most recently developed digital communications network in your facility or need repairs made on equipment so antiquated you can’t even find an owner’s manual online for it, we can help.

Your Full-Service Electrical Contractors

AMEC approaches every job with the intention of becoming your go-to electrical contractor. We look at each project from not only the materials and labor standpoint but your individual needs as well. Whether you’re looking to build an entirely new facility, upgrade out-of-date production machinery, or need help troubleshooting a problematic circuit system, we’ll combine your requirements with our experience and know-how to create the right solutions and alternatives to complete your project on time and on budget.

Call us at (732) 205-1507, email us at, or send us a fax at (732) 205-1509. Alternatively, you could fill out the form we’ve provided here on our website. Come to us with all your commercial or industrial electrical needs, and let us give you a quote for your upcoming project.