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Since our founding in March of 1999, AMEC Electric, LLC has emerged as a leading authority in the electrical industry. Our team of 20 electricians brings decades of experience to the Central and North Jersey areas, providing a full array of electrical contracting services for local businesses. Though our team specializes in controls and underground utility tracking as well as sports arena and parking lot lighting, we're equipped to take on any type of project in the commercial or industrial field.

We're Your One-Stop Shop for all Your Electrical Needs

From the initial project assessment and estimate to follow-up maintenance and service calls after the fact, we cover all the bases. We'll take you from the design phase through installation and beyond. Between our warehouse filled with materials and the strong relationships we've built with suppliers over the years, we have access to any components needed to see your project through to completion. We have the knowledge and experience to handle standard and custom setups alike, and our fleet of vehicles, including two bucket trucks, can take our team off the beaten path, to new heights or anywhere else you need us to go.

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  • Ivan C. Dubbs

    One of the best electrical companies in the business today.

  • Ed Virella

    Trustworthy and reliable.

  • Robbie Robinson

    Knowledgeable, personable and efficient

  • Paul Appleton

    “AMEC is a terrific Electrical Contracting company! They have a well-rounded and talented staff...”

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